Contrary to the popular narrative which suggests modernism served as the bellwether of indoor/outdoor living, California’s Spanish Colonial Revival designs have been successfully delineating the same spatial boundaries since pre-statehood. Walled courtyards, patios, balconies, fountains, colorful tiles, high ceilings, and red tiled roofs reinforce this vernacular architecture which has, over time, become a carefully curated – and somewhat complicated – close-knit relationship with our historic ties to Mexico and Spain. Here, we see a residence which embodies the romanticism of our past and the ethos of George Allan Hancock’s vision when he created the subdivision from his family’s Rancho La Brea in the early 1920s. For more than forty years, the home has played host to an Academy Award-winning production designer and French film actress. The combination of the two and their respective careers have enabled them to serve as qualified stewards to the house. A fait accompli, the nurtured and cared for estate is ready for its next great majordomo.

Listing provided courtesy of Matthew Berkley, Deasy Penner Podley

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