Frank Lloyd Wright’s Freeman House in Los Angeles is on Sale for $4.25 Million

July 26, 2021 @ 10:04 am

By Christina Petridou

The Frank Lloyd Wright Freeman House is up for sale for $4.25 million by the University of Southern California. The structure built in 1924, is noteworthy as one of his four textile block residences in los angeles. The walls — wrapped in more than 12,000 cast concrete blocks — are textured on both the interior and exterior to form an incorporated ornamental design.

Wright created a unique layout with various patios, to integrate the landscape in the inside. The interior includes a salon-style design with a fireplace serving as the heart of the dwelling. The glazed surfaces between the perforated blocks provide the dwelling with plenty of natural light. Meanwhile, the glasses hold no framing, so as to maintain the horizontal lines.

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