In Los Angeles, a Streamline Moderne With a Modernist Addition Asks $2M

September 4, 2021 @ 12:15 am

By Jen Woo

Actor Judd Nelson, perhaps best known for his role in The Breakfast Club as bad boy John Bender, is rumored to have once occupied this L.A. residence. But what makes the home truly unique is that it was designed by renowned Southern California architect William Kesling right after he founded his own firm. Kesling went on to design more streamline moderne structures than any other architect, a collection that includes the Vanderpool and Skinner residences in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

Nestled in the Cahuenga Pass neighborhood, the home is now owned by trauma surgeon Edward Kwon, who was impressed deeply when he first visited Kesling’s design. The house “commands attention as you approach it, standing proudly on its small summit like a dirigible floating above Los Angeles,” Edward says. “The main windows are definitely one of the most obvious features, eyes wide open staring at the hills.”

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