Modernism Week 2021

February 6, 2021 @ 1:20 am

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Once a year, the city of Palm Springs hosts visitors from all over Southern California and the world for a week of historic home tours, showroom sales, and exciting soirees. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many such events have had to be reimagined this year. Modernism Week 2021 has adapted to the current moment with a virtual twist. Back and stronger than ever with digital flair to boot!

This year Modernism Week is kicking off with a series of exciting online experiences. DPP’s very own Maureen Erbe hosted the Modernism Week Signature Home Tour Video Series, showcasing Palm Springs’ most significant and architectural homes. This series offers viewers the opportunity to meet the homeowners and other special guests and discover what makes Palm Springs desert architecture and lifestyle so unique. The video series transports you to five fabulous Palm Springs homes, where you can virtually walk through the interiors, gardens and grounds. You’re sure to learn a great deal about important architectural and design details and unique furnishings. This program is streaming through February 28, 2021 and tickets are available for purchase online:

There are plenty of other online events to check out as well, such as an architectural driving tour of Palm Springs and a virtual conference with more than 25 notable speakers including architects, authors, preservationists and city representatives discussing the future of Palm Springs. And don’t forget the Best of Modernism online auction taking place February 1-15 that will feature one-of-a-kind architectural experiences and unique, limited specialty items not normally available to the public.

One such auction offers miniature Boomerang model chairs from Richard J. Neutra’s original design. These models were crafted in the apprentice wood shop of VS America, the official manufacturer and distributor of the Richard Neutra line of furniture.

The iconic Boomerang chair was designed by Neutra in the 1940s in different versions as easy furniture for various projects including the Channel Heights housing development, Nesbitt House and Logar House. The sweeping side pieces and straight oak rounded poles in combination with webbing are a trademark of the era.

The auction includes the beautiful book, Neutra. Complete Works, Hardcover – 2010 Edition, signed by author and Neutra scholar, Barbara M. Lamprecht M.Arch,. Ph.D, which includes all of Neutra’s works, nearly 300 private homes, schools, and public buildings, illustrated by over 1,000 photographs, including those of Julius Shulman.