Hancock Park

Historic, stately, and affluent, Hancock Park is built around the grounds of the Wilshire Country Club, and bordered by Melrose Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard, both sides of Highland and Rossmore Avenues. The low density and highly educated neighborhood was developed in the 1920s and features architecturally distinctive homes from Wallace Neff, Paul Williams, and Lloyd Wright. The 1,200 homes in Hancock Park—many of which are set back 50 feet from the street—are occupied by families, celebrities, Orthodox Jews, and numerous consuls generals (Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge famously stayed here during their 2011 visit). There are six schools operating within Hancock Park, including the private and prestigious Marlborough School. Enjoy a tasting menu at the two-star Michelin restaurant Providence, hit Larchmont Village’s Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings, and get lost in the shelves at Chevalier’s Books.